IQBiK S.A. de C.V.



Offer a new philosophy of ecological and sustainable construction for a better use of water, implicitly generating energy savings thus contributing to intelligent global water management.



To be an internationally recognized company for innovation in quality ecological devices and systems for the exploitation of natural resources.



In 2012, with the idea of ​​solving the problem of wasting water in the showers, Engineer Miguel Ángel Carmona L. develops a diagram and prepares the technical feasibility study of Acualight.


In February of 2015 obtains the Registration Title from the IMPI by the utility model of the "water saver system for shower watering" No 3342


In October 2015, IQBiK S.A. de C. V. is born.


In 2016 adjustments of the prototype are made for its manufacture, being ready for sale in March of the same year.


In April 2016 IQBiK participates in the competition "Cleantech Challenge" on new ecological technologies, achieving position within the 100 finalists among 1200 participating companies.


In June of 2016 Acualight participates in the acceleration program for social startups and technologies for saving water of the international incubator "Sense Cube" classifying among the 5 first places.


In August 2016 Acualight is selected as one of the 10 finalist proposals in the international contest on water technology "H2O Challenge" in Panama City.

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